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As founders and owners of Total Rehabilitation we are very pleased to provide no less than the best in physical therapy services, and have utilized every resource available to make our service the best it can be. 

            In 1998 we opened Total Rehabilitation Services in Brownsville, TX. Since that time our business has grown from a small operation, to a successful and growing company. In 2004 Total Rehab expanded to Harlingen, TX. 

Both facilities are designed strictly for physical therapy services including heated in-ground pools, fully equipped gyms, private treatment rooms, and workers compensation testing rooms for job stimulation tasks.

        Our services and treatment procedures are constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of our patients and utilize new technologies. We make every effort to provide the best service by using new medical advances and techniques to improve patient rehabilitation and promote rapid recovery.  Our success can be attributed to providing the best in physical therapy services, excellent customer service and focused individualized patient care.

        We are dedicated to our patients and always strive to maintain the highest levels of communication between ourselves, patients and their referring physicians. 

          Marc and Lori Saldana

Our Physical Therapy Model